Earlier this current year, Belgium's Gambling Commission ruled that FIFA 18 was certainly one of three games, as well as Overwatch and CS:GO, with loot boxes that contravened the country's gambling regulations. Perhaps for that ruling, Electronic Arts has told Eurogamer that it'll disclose it can be of FIFA Ultimate Team packs in FIFA 19.

"For Ultimate Team, after you buy a pack guess what happens you are getting. You are getting a particular number of assets that happen to be guaranteed—and we'll start to do pack odds disclosures that'll show you the percentages of what you may get," EA Sports v . p . Daryl Holt said. "That'll take our product year 19 titles. So, a minimum of that element of understanding what the probability is of getting X, Y, and Z card."

Holt didn't say what X, Y, and Z could be, however, or how exactly chances will be represented—whether it can indicate the likelihood of having players vs consumables, for example, or players of the particular rank. Under the current system you'll find different tiers of packs (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) with some other mixes of content, however it is very vague concerning exactly what: Gold packs, for instance, contain "a combination of 12 items, including players and consumables, a minimum of 10 Gold with 1 Rare," but that is the extent on the description.   

Nonetheless, Holt said FIFA's Ultimate Team packs are very different than games like Star Wars Battlefront 2, because Ultimate Team is often a separate, optional, and more-skill-based mode: "You have a higher-rated team than me in FIFA Ultimate Team and I could beat you," he was quoted saying. He also defended the loot boxes, as EA has several times previously, as not actually a way of gambling whatsoever.

"We don't think in the gambling component of some from the mechanics we're introducing, while there is no real-world currency value for the packs," he explained. "And there is a aspect of what happens you're getting while using packs in terms on the assets you expect to have."

Despite that, it appears that EA would like to err assisting caution. We'll uncover soon whether chances disclosure will satisfy Belgium: FIFA 19 is scheduled to be released on September 19.

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