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EA Is Apparently Interested In Making A Battle Royale Game

Thursday, August 2, 2018 8:50:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

Following the success of Fortnite

EA is apparently interested in making a battle royale game

Electronic Arts big cheese Blake Jorgensen said during the publishing behemoth's investor call (via overnight that it's thinking about making a free to play battle royale game.

Jorgensen made the revelation when he was asked if EA would consider releasing Battlefield V's battle royale mode separately as a free to play title. While this probably won't be happening, it did prompt the executive to let slip the publisher is thinking about its own stab at the genre.

'We're interested in experimenting with a free-to-play standalone game that might be in a shooter genre or another genre,' said Jorgensen. 'But I don't think that's how we're looking at the Battlefield stuff right now.'

EA isn't ready to say much else about a battle royale game right now though, with Jorgensen adding that we'll find out more in the coming 'months and years.'

There's no better example of the pull of battle royale than Fortnite, Epic Games' hugely successful shooter that is apparently making two million dollars per month on just the mobile version alone.

Furthermore, Epic Games is reportedly worth up to eight billion dollars (for some reason I can't read that out loud in anything but a Dr. Evil voice) due largely to Fortnite's global-wide success.

The question isn't whether EA will make a battle royale game (it probably will), but rather, will it arrive in time to capitalize on the whole craze?

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