For initially in Season 2, the Answer steps on top of the court and into your NBA lineup!

That's right NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson is back in NBA LIVE Mobile within our Fire and Ice Program.

Starting December 22-29, anyone who logs into NBA LIVE Mobile get an 80 OVR Allen Iverson AND Ben Simmons. That's right - just by logging in you receive one with the game's greatest legends and potential superstar.

Iverson may go into your Classic lineup while Simmons finds a house in your NBA lineup. You can also upgrade this version in the players into 83 OVR Masters by collecting gold fire and ice players and completing the Sets.

Iverson can be your “Ice Master” and Simmons is the “Fire” Master.

Then, things get interesting...

You can upgrade Iverson and Simmons to 91 OVR Masters and here's the cool part: then you can put then either in your Classic OR NBA line-up. This is a first just for this season of NBA LIVE Mobile - as classic players could simply be in that lineup and the other way round. To get 91 OVR versions, you have to complete the Sets for both 87 OVR players.

It can be done to obtain to both Master versions in the players and hang up them in to the lineup within your choosing.

We're super stoked to offer the opportunity to add different players for your lineups.

There is much more in store when it involves our Fire & Ice program even as make our way torwards Christmas plus the New Year.

Make certain to login daily therefore you don't miss anything.

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