A Notification Of MMOAH Recent Lucky Draw Event
A Notification Of MMOAH Recent Lucky Draw Event


Sorry about running a little bit late for our Pre - Black Friday Lucky Draw Event Selecting and Granting part.

We are here to announce that all Selected winners of this Lucky Draw have been contacted and confirmed by MMOAH customer services reps. As for the player already received our Congratulation Email letter from MMOAH(Email address: [email protected]), Please post your item(s) on the MapleStory 2 Trade Market at a flexible price in the range from 10 Million Mesos to 50 Million Mesos and set its duration time into 5 days(120 hrs) or more. And then take a shot of your auctioned item(s) and send the photos or screenshot attached with your game ID, server name and other crucial information to our email: [email protected]. Your file will be sorted and confirmed as scheduled. Once we announce the winners’ list and ready to grant the prizes, your auctioned items will be bought out within a few minutes and the prizes go directly into your personal account. That’s all.

Thanks for all the attention and concerns towards our website and this event. Much obliged!

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