World of Warcraft breaks the buzz of many MMOs by using a plethora of great female characters leading the tale. That’s an uncommon sight in almost any game, during one that has proven so well liked among women.

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The female individuals World of Warcraft’s cast aren’t simple two-dimensional heroes and villains - they’re leaders, inventors, workers, and warriors. Their focus isn’t only for the lives of male characters, either, as they’re serious about their own fortunes and development.

Better still, Blizzard’s heard their community, creating characters that fill the gaps fans obtained in World of Warcraft’s representation. It makes the original MMO feel lively and fresh, moving with all the times.

To celebrate Blizzard’s refreshing cast we’ve collected together some of our favourite female World of Warcraft characters from through the years. Bear in mind, though, that we now have many, much more female characters amongst players.  

This isn’t the definitive number of best women in World of Warcraft, contact us in the comments below who your favourites are.

Tyrande Whisperwind

There's an inclination with a lot of characters for making their convictions a tad too black and white. Tyrande Whisperwind defied that trend quite substantially. Originally featuring in Warcraft III, she's the chosen High Priestess in the goddess Elune, and also leader on the night elves, alongside her husband, Malfurion Stormrage.

She's remained strong despite many battles while using Horde and her brother-in-law. Frequently separated from her husband, it'd have been feasible for her to turn in the cliche of any woman lost without her love, but she uses such time for it to protect her people and, ultimately, defeat the Horde menace.

Some criticism may happen to be levied at her inside the past if you are too influenced by others as you go along but life's like that. It makes her seem increasingly plausible a figure.

Jaina Proudmoore

The strongest human sorceress alive, Jaina Proudmoore can be a firm fan favourite for a good reason. Leader from the Kirin Tor, she's consistently worked to defeat the Burning Legion and try everything in her capacity to stop the Horde. Not bad for the character that Blizzard originally planned to destroy in Warcraft III.

Over many years, she's evolved from an even more diplomatic and peaceful character to a far more aggressively vengeful person - not helped because of the death of her love, Arthas - but who will blame her? It's been a difficult time, and she's still appear fighting and independent.

Boss Mida

There's a wonderful story behind how Boss Mida came into existence. Inspired by the fan group, the Trade Princess Movement, she's in charge in the Goblin Slums of Orgrimmar. It's an unpleasant sounding job and you wouldn't wish to cross Boss Mida anyhow.

She took place through a campaign by fans to generate a female Trade Prince for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and grew after that. A nearly 400-page thread developed about the official forums, and also a Facebook group, plus an official RP guild called For Her Tallest.

It's quite the victory for player and feminist power, and incredibly very good natured. She's an uncommon example of any female character that's powerful but far away from stereotypical or even a sex symbol.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Digging deep in the lore of Warcraft, Sylvanas Windrunner was murdered by Arthas, Jaina Proudmoore's beau, before returning like a banshee.

With a hatred for that living and also a desire for conquest, Sylvanas is far away from a 'nice' person, but few would be in her own situation of betrayal. Oftentimes, the tale presents her as sympathetic but never weak, making her a much-loved favourite among anyone keen for the strong female protagonist. She forms one of the greatest story arcs in the whole series, and is also an incredibly powerful general, too. Cross her your peril.

Maiev Shadowsong

Playing an important role from the battle resistant to the Burning Legion over the War in the Ancients, Maiev Shadowsong is usually a force being reckoned with alongside her younger brother, Jarod. Over the time, she's been portrayed to be a priest, warden, and rogue, ensuring she's a fantastic all-rounder.

A little too driven by revenge, when she eventually defeats her enemy - Illidan - she realises she hasn't got much else left in their life, turning the climate tragic, yet it's not long before she's more demons to push back.

Exarch Yrel

The story behind Exarch Yrel's rise to power is usually a satisfying if bleak tale. Starting out to be a naive young priestess, a brutal experience using the iron Horde, brings about her learning to be a paladin and ruling in the draenei.

By the process, she became one from the main protagonists of Warlords of Draenor, being linked to pretty much every element with the expansion's storyline. It's a little cliched how she's expected to become strong and difficult, but forget about so compared to average coming-of-age tale in a great number of other great series.


There's a fantastic argument for WoW's expansion packs having stronger female characters, and Iridi forms portion of that thinking. A draenei priestess, she's thrust in a larger world after her comrade is murdered along with a powerful staff is taken.

This is Warcraft, though, so the tale gets a lot more complicated than that. Soon enough, you can find battles between her, her allies, and black dragon - Deathwing's consort - Sintharia. In this story, you get a lot more than one strong woman.

Where Iridi is unique more than most is the fact she's not dependent on any man. However, it is a little unfortunate she dies after saving a lot of Azeroth.

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