The 2018 Madden Championship Series continues with all the Madden Challenge. Eight of the finest Madden players go at it to prove these are the top MUT Draft player around.

This year, the Challenge has a new playing field together with the youngest number of competitors in Madden history. Seven from the eight competitors are under 21, including one 16-year-old. Before watching the battle unfold, receive the scoop about the players which will face off inside the 2018 Madden Challenge:

Drini “Drini” GJoka, 18, Washington D.C.

Drini started playing Madden back with Madden 07, when he was only 7 years old. He started working on competitive Madden after watching Zack “Serious Moe” Lane win the Madden 16 Challenge. This recent secondary school grad is full tilt into Madden, choosing a year off and away to see how competitive gaming plays out for him. Qualifying with the Madden Challenge is a large reason he might justify that decision to his family.

Joel “JoelCP” Porter, 18, Washington D.C.

Playing competitive Madden is often a win-win with the screen writing major from Howard University. Being able to earn income while playing a game title he loves was enough for JoelCP for taking time on focus within the competition. Beginning his Madden career in the age of 5, Porter has won several online tournaments. Porter also met his friend and senior high school classmate, Drini “Drini” Gjoka through playing Madden.

Michael “Prodigy” Scott, 19, Fontana CA

Prodigy is all about as local as you can get on the Madden Challenge, just hours out of the Burbank studio. He got the itch to experiment with competitively by watching streamers on Twitch, then notices which he was gaining ground about the leaderboards, and this was proof enough he could compete. A kinesiology major from Cal State San Bernardino, Prodigy is back that has a vengeance after falling just two games shy on the recent Madden Classic, losing to Chris “Dubby” McFarland in online elimination.

Michael “Spoto” Spoto, 16, Staten Island NY

The age requirement to the Madden Championship series was knocked right down to 16 this year. Spoto has provided lots of proof how the age change brought a great deal of talent towards the Madden field. The youngest Challenge competitor, Spoto has come a long way. He started playing Madden at 4, and called Hail Marys on every play. Obviously, he’s better now. Don’t let his age fool you. Not only did he call his shot and predict his Challenge qualification, but younger crowd has victories against players like Raidel “Joke” Brito under his belt.

Matthew “Mattstergamer” Lee, 20, Weston FL

Mattstergamer is among the most dominant player about the ground. A huge fan of eSports, Madden became his new battleground after playing casually since Madden 09, and that he really got competitive this past year. Playing Madden 24 / 7, Mattstergamer is bringing support for the Challenge via his lab partner Nick “FranchiseGG” Arroyo.

Chris “Dubby” McFarland, 30, Philadelphia PA

With the classic Philly/Rocky mentality, Dubby proceeded an incredible set you back win the 2017 Madden Bowl last season in Houston. Now, he or she is the lone man above the day of 21 standing resistant to the youth movement with the 2018 Madden Challenge. Dubby is really a skilled Madden competitor routinely one of the top, but functions be the best. Dubby may be playing with a high level since Madden 08. When not perfecting his stick skills, he blends with his dad just as one Arborist.

Lavar “Hollywood” Gayle, 19, Bronx NY

The Giants fan and Bronx native returns for his first EA Major appearance in the 2018 season. Last season, he showed flashes of brilliance but ultimately came out short. He did deliver a wonderful moment, though which required Chris “Dubby” McFarland to put on an Odell Beckham jersey on stage after the loss to Hollywood. This year he's made some noise at Challenger events and appears to be last top form in MUT Draft.

Shay “Young Kiv” Kivlan, 20, Edmonds WA

A Seattle Seahawks fan seems to pass by and large, Young Kiv embraced somewhat of a “villain” role inside 2017 Madden Classic when he refused to shake the hand of competitor Derek “Djones” Jones from a loss. Kiv recently lost from the finals with the 2018 Seattle Club Championship to Mike “Killer Mike” Clark in a wonderful OT game. Kiv is understood around the community for flashy clothing and amazing hair. We can’t wait to discover what type of swagger he brings on the 2018 Madden Challenge.

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