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About Lineage2 Revolution
Lineage2 Revolution Blue Diamonds is a kind of virtual premium currency used in the game. There are two types of Diamonds in Lineage 2: Blue Diamonds and Red Diamonds. Red Diamonds can be obtained by completing specific activities while Blue Diamonds are bought with real-money from existing in-game stores. With a certain amount of blue diamonds, players can purchase in-game items or bundles from a shop in Lineage 2: Revolution, which will also award them with Points as a bonus. The trading post is the only means players can get L2R diamonds that can buy players High-Grade Equipment used to raise their Combat Power character. However, after figuring out all the use of Lineage 2 diamonds, there is still one problem: any other way to get L2R diamonds more comfortable and faster? We assume that the most convenient means is to buy Lineage 2 blue diamonds from an online store like MMOAH, which is the most reliable shop offering a player the lowest price and fastest delivery among all diamonds selling market.
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