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About Eve Online

EVE ISK And PLEX, the unique currency in EVE Online, enables you to become owners of great items, which you can then sell to players or in the internal exchange market.
As the economic system of the game is primarily based on exchanges between players, it is critical to have items, hence to own EVE ISK And PLEX.

At MMOAH, we are aware of that, which is why we can offer you large amounts of EVE ISK And PLEX very quickly and at great prices.

Why buy EVE ISK And PLEX at MMOAH?
As our mission is to help players face challenges in the game, we have been improving our services, so that you can always count on MMOAH when you need Eve ISK And PLEX.
That is actually why since the release of EVE Online, we've been serving thousands of EVE Online players with our powerful delivery system, which helps guarantee our customer getting their orders only a few minutes after there have been accepted.

How to receive your EVE ISK And PLEX?
The “Face to Face” delivery method is the one used to deliver all the Eve ISK And PLEX orders.
Therefore, you need to be online to receive your EVE ISK And PLEX, as a meeting in the game will be arranged.

How the transaction will go: After having chosen how much EVE ISK And PLEX you need in the payment page, please contact our Live Support, available 24/7.
If you know where our meeting point for Eve Online transactions is, you can use the “I’m online” function, so that we can meet more quickly meet you in game and proceed to the delivery.

What do we guarantee?
When it comes to safety, you can definitely trust us, as we have been trading with players since 2006!
In the very rare case that your account is suspended or your EVE ISK And PLEX is confiscated by CCP because of a transaction with MMOAH, we ensure you a full compensation, whether it is a re-delivery of EVE ISK And PLEX or a full refund once MMOAH’s involvement is confirmed.

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