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Black Desert OnlineBDO Silver

About Black Desert Online Silver

Black Desert Online Silver, aka Silver Coins, are the standard currency in Black Desert Online. You can receive them through: Grinding mobs; Quests; Selling Items (in the marketplace or to an NPC); Trading (with a trade manager); Investing. You will use silver coins for the entirety of the game, though some items will be through the cash shop only which uses Pearls instead. Silver is one of the most important resources in Black Desert Online, with almost everything you do in the game costing you this in-game currency to some degree or another. One key thing to understand is that most of these methods of making Silver require Contribution Points, which are limited. We explain how to grind out more contribution Points in the EXP section of the guide, so if you haven’t and you’re a beginner we suggest coming to a reliable site to buy substantial BDO Silver Coins - like MMOAH!

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