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About Ascension Gold

Project Ascension is the best World of Warcraft mod for players who don't like being restricted by classes. In this server, players can use their favorite race, and choose their favorite combination among all spells and talents to play the game. You can also use an existing template directly if this is too cumbersome for you.

Project Ascension currently offers players 3 realms, of which Area 52 is a Hybrid Risk Realm. Simply put, players can freely switch between High Risk and No Risk. In High Risk mode, PvP battles will become more exciting as the player's gear will be droppable and stealable. When playing in a No Risk environment, players do not need to worry about the sudden disappearance of the gear, and can focus on the end-game content.

What can you do with Project Ascension Area 52 Gold?

Gold is an indispensable and important currency for your adventures in World of Warcraft. Because the economic systems of the 3 Realms of Project Ascension are independent, players call it Ascension Area 52 Gold. Earning gold is a very time-consuming task in the game. You need to spend a lot of energy to complete quests to get rewards, or to find rare loot to sell for high prices. But trying to get rich through these methods is unrealistic and your best way to get it is to buy Area 52 Gold from MMOAH!

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