Archeage Unchained Gold

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About Archeage Unchained Gold

In terms of scope and complexity, the ArcheAge series has surpassed many existing MMORPGs. The game provides players with a huge sandbox, allowing many players to have powerful love and hate relationships.

Changing the game from premium to free-to-play is the route chosen by many game publishers. It has become a consensus to make money by selling items in in-game stores. ArcheAge Unchained is on the contrary, it uses a buyout system fee model. As long as you spend money to buy the game in advance, you can fully experience all the interesting content in the game, which is very novel for the current fast-paced players.

In any case, players who want to survive in the game cannot do without the help of game currency. In ArcheAge Unchained, gold is the universal currency. Players need to pay a certain amount of ArcheAge Unchained Gold to use any service in the game, such as purchasing equipment and items, or strengthening weapons. There are many ways to earn ArcheAge Unchained Gold in the game. Most players choose to buy their own farm to grow various crops after reaching level 30, and then sell all the harvest. But this method requires players to wait for the crops to mature, which will waste a lot of time.

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