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  • Path Of Exile Expedition: Item Filter and Passive Tree Need To Be Known

    Path Of Exile Expedition: Item Filter and Passive Tree Need To Be Known

    GGG shared information about item Filter and Passive Tree before their 3.15 Expedition releasing. Here are the relevant details you need to know.

    Expedition league will arrive on PC on July 23. If you don’t read it, MMOAH will simply list some important information to let you know.

    Expedition will see you join the Kalguuran expedition, where your task is to dig out relics as you create deals with some new merchants in Wraeclast. In addition, you can also plant explosives in the ground which you can set off. Once these explosives explode, various monsters will emerge.

    However, before the release of this version, GGG also provided information about changes of the Passive Tree in addition to Item Filter functionality. For the latter, you will be able to choose item classes by category, but only if there is one category for that class. This will make the filter "backward compatible".

    GGG lists other changes, such as changes to Altered Base Types:

    * "Thrusting One Hand Sword" item class changed to "One Hand Sword"

    * "Blessed Boots" renamed to "Fugitive Boots"

    * Diamond Flask item class now "Utility Flasks" instead of "Utility Flask Critical"

    * Lesser Poison Support is now called Chance to Poison Support.

    * Poison Support is now called Critical Strike Affliction Support.

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    Jul 23, 2021

  • Fallout 76 Will Get Custom Worlds This September

    Fallout 76 Will Get Custom Worlds This September

    Fallout 76 allows you to have a private world atmosphere. So far, there is not much benefit in having a private world, except for farming in Whitespring Resort without worrying about competition for the loot within. Now, the developer Bethesda has announced that this situation will be changed. Fallout in September will allow players to modify their servers.

    These customizable settings can be minor, such as making the game easier, or giving yourself unlimited ammo. But they can also be quite large, such as raising the height limit of settlements, building CAMPs in previously restricted places, summoning big monsters, or jumping to any height.

    The Fallout Worlds update will add two modes to Fallout 76: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds. The Public World is a rotating series of custom servers that can be used by all players.

    These are fun and curated experiences, Fallout 1st subscribers will be able to create their own Custom Worlds and invite their friends over, even if they don’t have a subscription.

    As of Tuesday, Fallout World can be tested on the public test server of Fallout 76, and Bethesda stated it will continue to add new sliders, options, and abilities in the future. This is great news for role-players, builders, and players who are tired of being murdered by Mirelurks again and again.

    Although the initial interview of Fallout 76 was not satisfactory, Bethesda has been always actively listen to the opinions of fans and adopt them, adding some good ideas to the game, which has created the current Fallout 76.

    So fans of Fallout 76 can have high expectations of this game, because it always brings surprises. If you are a fan of Fallout 76, you will need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps. If you want to get the powerful weapons in the game more directly, then you can also directly buy Fallout 76 Items.

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    Jul 21, 2021

  • FFXIV: Make It Rain Event Is Back!

    FFXIV: Make It Rain Event Is Back!

    As the release date of the FFXIV: Endwalker expansion approaches, it has reached a certain height, and a wave of new players will make it rain for the first time. As fans have hoped, the Make It Rain event is back! If you are a new player to FFXIV, you may be confused about this. Fortunately, Square Enix provided some details about the event.

    Make It Rain event starts on July 19 at 1 am PDT/4 am EDT/9 am BST and will end on August 11 at 8 am PDT/11 am EDT/4 pm BST. During this period, you will get more than 50% of MGP, which is a special in-game currency you can get at Gold Saucer, the gambling and mini-game hub of FFXIV. You can buy special cosmetics at Gold Saucer with that.

    The more productive MGP grind is the most important part of Make It Rain, but there is also a special quest called The Great Horn Heist, provided by Ollier at UI’dah. If you are not familiar with his location, then go to the X:9.4 and Y:9.2 coordinates at the Steps of Nald to find him.

    As part of the event, you can also get the vexed emote and 5000 bonus MGPs.

    Although Endwalker will be released in November this year, FFXIV does not ignore the current content for this reason, and will often update the content of the game to bring players freshness, and previously thought that WOW streamer (Asmongold) has tried FFXIV. This also attracted many new players to join the game, so it is foreseeable that there will be more players waiting for the arrival of Endwalker.

    For information about FFXIV, you can check them out on MMOAH at any time. We will follow up on any news released by Square Enix and notify you in time, and MMOAH will keep up with trends and often share the most discussed topics in the community.

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    Jul 19, 2021

  • SWTOR: Details About Legacy of The Sith Expansion

    SWTOR: Details About Legacy of The Sith Expansion

    SWTOR is one of BioWare's longest-running games. You can experience the Star Wars galaxy thousands of years before any of the films. Currently, there are 8 independent class stories split into Old Republic and Sith Empire factions. In addition to simple stories, BioWare has also added expansion for various players, including this expansion - Legacy of the Sith.

    Players of Republic and Imperial can access the new Legacy of the Sith expansion when it releases in celebration of SWTOR's 10th anniversary. This expansion will introduce a series of story missions, a new Flashpoint, and a new Operation. Now, MMOAH has collected more details about the current new expansion.

    Legacy of the Sith’s plot

    Its plot focuses on the continuation of SWTOR's Darth Maalgus' story, who recently returned under the Empress Acina service, acting as her Wrath and secret agent. Although players and Darth Malgus often conflict, those who swear allegiance to Sith Empire will find that Malgus usually puts the best interests of the Empire first.

    The Legacy of the Sith will send you to protect a ‘vital planet’, which has been confirmed to be Manaan, and allows you to participate in a military match to win for their side.

    In the SWTOR conflict, Darth Malgus will become rebellious, and his dastardly plot will be uncovered. At present, Malgus' ultimate motivation is still unknown, but considering his recent status in Acina, this plan is likely to ensure that he has more power within the Empire. Malgus regaining influence in the Sith Empire is a threat to Republic and Imperial players.

    A New Combat Skill Mechanic

    You will be able to exchange combat abilities between the Star Wars Republic and Imperial classes based on tech or Force designation. The changes in this plan will achieve significant diversity in the current build. When the expansion releases, player classes will also feature the "updates to itemization and loadout experiences as well as streamlined class design" described by BioWare.

    The Legacy of the Sith will definitely regain interest in SWTOR fans. The storyline of Darth Malgus has been repeated in the story of SWTOR, and Malgus is the first character encountered. In addition, the combat mechanic will further enrich the gameplay of each class.

    MMOAH will also continue to pay attention to the new information of Legacy of the Sith expansion, and will update the articles in time. If you decide to return to SWTOR at that time, then you can prepare for it. You can come to MMOAH to buy SWTOR Credits. Sufficient SWTOR Credits can maximize your gaming experience and experience the core of the game.

    Jul 15, 2021